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Fire, Ice & Water

Werewolves, Vampires & Humans

the fire the ice and the water of twilight...
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about the community

Do you love one character but despise another? Are you Switzerland? Want to discuss the boys/men of Twilight? This is the place for you. You can talk about in a rational mature mannor of why you like or dislike a character or even why you are Switzerland. Graphic, fanfics, even fanmixes are allowed here also as long as they pertain to the boys/men of Twilight. Are you fire or are you Ice, or are you Water?

Fire = Werewolves
Ice = Vampires
Water = Humans


I know you hate them, but there always has to be them for smooth sailing yes?

01. First and foremost, no bashing of other members. Given there may be some disagreements about character opinions but we will NOT tolerate attacks on other members, this could get your banned.

02. Long posts are to be put under a LJ Cut, if you do not know how to do these, please click here

03. Graphics go under a cut as well, you are allowed to post small previews/teasers, but no more then three before you go under a cut please people. This includes the likes of fanmixes as well, under a cut.

04. Fanfiction will be allowed with a request please! All fanfiction must have a significant amount to do with a male in the twilight books. We don't want fics soley about Bella drooling over Edward, Im sorry guys, but atleast significantly about one of our boys, and maybe even some in thier perspective would be nice.

When posting fic please use the following provided or something like it to introduce your fic and provide appropriate rating for it! The rest of you fic must be under a lj-cut.

05. Character opinions are encouraged, speak up! However we would like to know your reasons for your opinion too please, merely saying I hate _________ isn't very enlightening.


i3eautyfly & rheashan

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